Monday, August 12, 2013

Safe, Kind & Clean KID'S FEST is a Second Saturday Success!

With biodegradable balloons (Clean) going out to the community, 
Caring Connection Children's Center- J Street Campus 
was full of fun, frolicking families on 2nd Saturday. 

Thank you to WellSpace (formerly the Effort) 
for their information on dental and medical care. (Safe)

Thank you to the teachers Rose Sathe, 
Kellie Lynch, Linda Luck.

Thank you for your amazing support Tammy Tanner.

Recognizing ecology (Clean) we created a 
Litter Garden where children could pluck out recycle-able materials to create works of art.

Litter Art table ready for the kids. And here they are!!!!

Look at the pay off with all of these happy children and involved parents!

Mister Cooper was, as usual, a highlight to the event! Thanks, Ken.

Everybody loves "I'm a Little Teapot".

"Tip me over and Pour me out!"

Thanks to Kellie Lynch owner/breeder from Hopscotch Buns 
for bringing her hand-raised bunnies to teach us to be Kind at our Petting Zoo. 

Every little chick-a-dee in the place had fun.

Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and friends who joined us.

... sometimes you were left holding the bag (or robot)...

...just hold a hand...

...and just plane holding down the fort-in this case, the dock!

Caring Connection Children's Center is new to midtown. Please visit our website 

or call us 916 261-0796

for enrollment information.

A wonderful occasion for family and friends.

Here's a great view of the entire yard on a beautiful, breezy summer day.

Seeing first time visitors, 
especially the children experience our Natural Playscape was wonderful.

Come join us where Learning and Fun are Naturally One.

 Thank you to Orcutt Family Dentistry, 
Ken Smalley Insurance and the
 Downtown Business Association, 
Julie Jenkins Sathe and Enlightened Discipline (the Safe, Kind and Clean Philosophy).