Saturday, July 6, 2013

NATURES BUILDING BLOCKS ...Leave it to the children.

Two boys, both 2 years old, with very little speech still managed to communicate in their own fashion as they lifted and stacked very large rocks from our dry creek bed.  

The teachers did not help, intervene or rescue them from what they were intent to do. 

One child lifted, while the other stacked, both with extreme intensity. 

We called them inside for morning circle time and left their work untouched.

When they next returned to the yard, with little delay they were back at their task. 

This was an amazing display of cooperative play and teamwork for children of this age. 

This was such a joy to watch and experience. No toys, no blocks, no guidance was required. 

This is Natural Playscape learning at its peak.

Caring Connection Children's Center
J Street location

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