Friday, May 24, 2013

Thinking & Talking (and doing) FLOOR BOOKS

At Caring Connection we have designed our curriculum so that children are 
an integral part of adding their ideas and input into what will be done, 
what might be added and what they think could happen. 

The whole concept of "what if..." allows children to anticipate their teacher's ideas and put thoughtful consideration into what might happen or what could occur. 

As the day progresses what was planned and what occurs or transpires is added to the floorbook with the child so that they can remember or be reminded of what was planned and how it may have changed, and many times how the children actually impacted the day with new ideas.

For the parents, teachers are documenting and recording in photos or sketches 
what was said, what ideas were shared and the teach-able
moments shared and enjoyed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What are Floor Books?

Caring Connection teachers engage children 
throughout the day and document their 
opinions, ideas and suggestions. 

In addition the child's ideas are added, 
when possible 
to the curriculum so that the 
each child is 
even more validated, their ideas are 
worthy and they are 

And let's face it, we all want validation.
We are all more interested 
in something that we have helped create. 

Rock on, Caring Connection!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shout it out to all of Downtown

The following is a song written by teacher Kellie Lynch

I wake up in the morning right at dawn, 

I brush my teeth and put my tennis shoes on.

Gettin' ready for school where I learn and play

The safe, kind and clean way.

At Caring Connection it can be done,

Where learning and fun are naturally one.

Buddies, Pals and Friends are all around

Now shout it all out to all of downtown.

"I love this place!"

At Caring Connection it can be done,

Where learning and fun are naturally one.

Buddies, Pals and Friends are all around

Now shout it out to all of downtown.

"I love this place!" 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nature, Nature...Everywhere!

Welcome fish to our new school. 
We love your swimming, your colors are so cool.

Welcome herbs your unusual scent. 
I don't know where you came from 
but know where you went.

See us at work, or play as they say.
We could do it forever or at least most the day.

Notice our sand boat. It really is cool. 
Playing in the sand is my favorite at school.

We get a little wet and dirty for sure.
But a bubble bath at home is an easy cure.

Welcome to our mirror wall where I can see my face.
No matter what else, it's a favorite place.

We love the creek bed for finding neat stuff
Sometimes just looking is fun enough.
My hands and eyes are working together
The more I practice...I get better and better.