Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grand Opening Gala was a Hit!

There was smiling. 

There was playing. 

There was meandering.

There was painting. 

There was performing.

There was listening.

There was dancing.

There was watching.

There was eating. 

There was singing and clapping. 

There was team-working.

There was ceremony.

There was silliness.

There were tributes.

There was affection.

There was wonder...

There was awe....

...And it has only just begun!


Enroll Now before it's FULL TO THE BRIM!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Join us on Sunday! 
Sing with Mister Cooper. 
Play with the kids. 
Tour the facility and enjoy the spring in the 
Natural Playscape of 
Caring Connection Children's Center - Midtown Campus.
 Julie Jenkins Sathe, author of Enlightened Discipline and several early childhood education experts will be available to share their unique and passion for fun, family, learning and community. Don't miss this event. Tell your friends and family.

Sunday March 24th
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
2100 "J" Street (between 21st and 22nd)

Meet the teachers and join the neighborhood as we announce our arrival, pending licensing process. We will accept waiting list names and offer our "Founding Family" discounts!

Monday, March 18, 2013

our GRAND OPENING GALA is just around the corner...

The sandbox boat has been docked. Plants are tucked behind it waiting for backfill. Sand will make this boat one favorite play space.

Welcoming bench and planters awaiting some gorgeous greeters, coming and going.


Redwood planters greet and flank the gate to the yard....
the pathway to play has just gotten started with some banana trees...grass and hidden play spaces to come....

This weekend the staff will finish the yard and will unveil the entire center for our GRAND OPENING GALA!

We've invited noted Early Childhood Professionals to speak to the benefits of nature and play in young children's learning.

Join us on Sunday, March 24th from 2:00-400 pm

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stepping up to the Task!

Here, the exterior wall get's some new siding. Ta Da!

The old grounds are cleaned and I can even see some new growth in anticipation of the lives we will see blossoming here, soon.

It may we winter-scape now, but soon this barren yard will be a mere shadow of it's current self. It will be alive with color and plants and....children at play! 
With donations from church members (Thanks Caroline Tabor) and a local craftsman, Jeremy at "Rooted by Design" we will soon have a dry dock with sandbox boat!

And there is never enough thanks for the staff-to-be and the children we will serve, helping get this off to an amazing start.

GRAND OPENING GALA is scheduled for Sunday, March 24th from 2pm-5pm in the center's play ground area. Tours of the interior will be available as will information for enrollment in CARING CONNECTION CHILDREN'S CENTER Midtown Marvel! 
Join the party!